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Pregnancy & Labour Massage

During this most glorious and magical time in woman's life the body goes through the most difficult and challenging transformations. Pregnancy massage is performed while mother-to-be is lying on the side with her legs and head supported by a pillow. 

Warning, the treatment is so relaxing you may fall asleep!

Pregnancy Massage is proven to reduce stress and anxiety level, promote relaxation, improve sleep, reduce swelling, relief muscle pain, relief body ache, and increase blood and lymph circulation.  

Note, treatment is suitable for 2 and 3 trimesters (wk14+)


45 min - £75

60 min - £85

90 mins - £120

Closer to the due date I will also share some valuable tips and techniques that can be performed on the pregnant woman during the labour to ease off and relief the pain and promote relaxation.  

Doula at Home
A man having message treatment


Postnatal massage does not only help to speed up the body recovery through increased blood and lymph flow, it also brings oxygen and nutrient to the skin, and muscles. One of the most important benefits of this treatment is that is helps a woman to reconnect with her body. 

Postnatal massage can be performed soon after the birth, if there were no complications experienced, or after 6 weeks if C-section was performed. 

Postnatal massage will help to destress, enhance sense of wellbeing, and boost serotonin production (happiness hormone).


45 min - £65

60 min- £85

90 mins - £120

Holistic Pregnancy Facial

During pregnancy hormones can impact overall appearance of the skin. Often pregnant women experience pigmentation, discoloration, breakouts, and increased dehydration. 

Using only natural ingredients pregnancy facial helps to resurface the skin, decongest and unclog pores, brighten the skin, and even out the skin tone.  

Stimulating facial massage will improve blood and lymph circulation to bring oxygen, water, and nutrients to the surface. The skin will be left glowing, refreshed, feeling silky, and smooth.


60 mins - £75

Image by Raphael Lovaski
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