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Special Offers

Million Dollar Facial is a luxurious facial where science meets indulgence in a 60 minute treatment. Working your skin from the outside in, it has been designed to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and remove nonterminal hair using dermaplaning tool. This will polish the skin, flush toxins, and increase and stimulate cell turnover. Depmaplaning will heavily increase the absorption of any active ingredients by 80% as opposed to 8%, therefore we use our Million Dollar mask for maximum results infused with Moroccan lava clay and glycolic acid. Our Million-dollar facial treatment is a10-step unique protocol which including dermaplane, skin needling and lymphatic drainage massage.


Who is this treatment for?

The Million Dollar facial is  performed with the Million Dollar professional range of specifically designed, clinically proven products. This facial will help to target pigmentation, dull skin, scarring and anti-aging, revealing a smoother, evenly toned complexion. Microneedling will stimulate the fibroblasts within the skin causing increased renewal of skins cell.  Mesotherapy ampules will allow to enhance the treatment and tailor to your specific needs.


60 mins - £140

Mini Facial is a hands on 30 Minutes treatment. A perfect introduction to facial treatments and to set a treatment plan tailored for your needs, or just when you need a "quick fix".

 This facial targets a range of skin types and concerns (i.e. dehydration, congested skin, dull skin) and can be a great alternative if you are not able to receive a more advanced skin treatment due to contra- indications.


Who is the treatment for?

Recommend for all skin types, such as oily congested skin, spot prone skin, dehydrated skin, dry and problematic skin. This is a good treatment if you are looking to kick start the journey to a healthy looking, glowing skin.


30 mins - £50

Super Facials are 3 bespoke hands on facials, designed to target individual needs.


"The Glow Superfacial "is a luxurious facial combining Million Dollar Vit C10 serum and the Million Dollar Ice globes. Vit C10 serum is a powerful antioxidant containing L-ascorbic acid at 10%, which has been clinically proven to help clear free radicals caused by ageing, lifestyle and pollution. These free radicals also damage small blood vessels which carry vital nutrients to the skin. Perfect for concerns of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and age spots, leaving your skin looking more radiant and your complexion more youthful.


"The Hydrate Superfacial" is using a powerful, high concentration of 15 % hyaluronic acid in the HA15 serum. A humectant to attract moisture from the blood vessels into the skin. Suitable for use on all skin types, the serum absorbs quickly to hydrate and keep skin supple. The active serum will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst promoting an even skin tone, and a youthful complexion. Optimal skin hydration, helps to heal and soothe inflammation. Perfect for a skin that is inflamed, sensitive or active.


"The Deep Cleanse Superfacial" is designed to deeply resurface and decongest oily, acne prone skin that needs a detox treatment. This facial combines AHA/BHA to deeply cleanse the skin, steam and manual extraction techniques as well as clay mask to remove impurities, and decongest the skin. Suitable for combination to oily skin types. Deep Cleanse facial will help your skin breathing again and leave it feeling like brand new. Optimal level of decongestion, hydration or glow.


Who are these treatments for?


These hands-on facials can be tailored to any skin type and target various skin concerns.


60 mins - £75 (Includes Ultrasound & LED device)

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