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Body Massage

Swedish/ Relaxing 

Swedish or Classic Massage is a massage technique aimed at full body and mind relaxation.


Medium pressure and flowing movements promote sense of wellbeing, help to destress, sooth any tension build up, and relief pain.

Swedish massage helps to improve lymph and blood circulation to supply our soft tissues and organs with oxygen, water, and needed nutrients.  


30 min - £50

45 min - £65

60 min - £75

90 mins - £110


Relaxing/ Swedish Full Body Massage
Deep Tissue Full Body Massgae

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage is especially great for deep muscle relaxation. When you put a continuous strain on your muscles they tend to become tight, tense, and achy.


Deep tissue massage helps to speed up muscle recovery by breaking down the knots and increasing blood flow circulation through the area. Deep and slow movements help muscles to relax and stay elastic.


This massage incorporates Soft Tissue Release and Muscle Energy techniques to achieve the best results. 

Highly recommended for people in sports, such as runners, boxers, swimmers, and golfers.


30 min - £60

45 min - £75

60 min - £85

90 mins - £120


Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a highly effective treatment that was specially developed for those who tend to retain fluid in their bodies as well as for pre / post- surgery care. Lymph helps to fight bacteria, remove toxins, aid healing and help with digestion. It is a vital part of our immune system.

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage uses medium to firm pressure to increase lymphatic flow, release tension in the diaphragm, relieve symptoms of IBS and drain the excess fluid out.

If you have an upcoming surgery, it is recommended to have 2-3 sessions of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage massage to prepare your body for a better post- surgery recovery.


30 min - £60

60 min - £95

90 mins - £130


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